Scuba Escape

The worlds only Scuba Escape experience, held at Vivian Dive Centre, North Wales

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Can you save the world from a nuke blast, the evil King of Snowdonia or the living dead? Click on the options below for more informati0n.:

Operation Z

Rescue the scientists, secure the cure... just watch out for the walking (or diving) dead


Are your navigation skills good enough to save the world from a nuclear blast?

Money Heist

Lets get rich! Grab the money before the police divers come, then run off into the sunset.

Treasure of Syreni

Syreni is latin for mermaid... it sounded cool 

Murder Mystery

The guilty person is almost always known to the victim....

Save Vivovia!

An under water scooter? bring it on!

Club Bookings and Weekend Packages

For club trips for 6+ bookings, we can facilitate up to 12 divers

Or put together full weekend personalised packages which include Scuba Escape, shore or boat dives

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