The mini games

We have 4 games that can be booked as mini games.

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The mini games can be completed in 2 hours.


There are 2 mini games at Liverpool & 2 in North Wales.

Number of divers

A minimum of 2 divers are required to book.

Moon landing

You and your team are off to another planet to rescue the research before it gets destroyed! Alien life forms may or may not try to help... 

Location: North Wales

Mission Impossible

You and your buddies have to extract the suitcase avoiding the lasers otherwise it will alert the security team. Time is of the essence... can you get to the top of the leader board?

Location: North Wales

Big Pub Quiz

Suitable for None Divers only You and your buddies will head under the surface of the docks after a briefing from our Scuba Escape Instructors Between you with no verbal way to communicate, you will need to answer the questions to The Big Pub Quiz, how well do you and your group know each other?.... but an even biggest question... how well do you know Merseyside? Your correct answers will lead you to the way out... answering incorrectly... well you wont be escaping victorious thats for sure.

Location: Liverpool

Key to the City

There is one Key to the City and its your job to get to it Using your ninja like intuition, can you figure out the riddles between your group, but you need to make sure you get it right... One wrong move will alert the authorities to your whereabouts and they will be coming after you. We need to be careful here.... We have one shot at getting the Key to the City, its taken years of recon for this plan. It's down to you, team.

Location: Liverpool