Murder Mystery

The game
Remember Cluedo? Well, add a quarry and scuba gear and you are on to a winner! We have the 5 suspects in for questioning, we need to figure out who did it before they get released. We have clues, case files, interviews and a woman with a serious second life? Come on detectives... time to get your act together and figure it out!

3 hour game

To complete this game, you will be on site for approximately 3 hours. This includes dive briefing, kitting up... and of course, the game iteself.

Qualified diver

To complete this game, you must be a minimum of PADI Open Water diver or equivalent, and capable in your own diving ability.


This game can be booked in Liverpool

Whats included?

Dive brief

A brief from our game host to get your ready for the game!

Game booklet

A booklet filled with all of the information that you will need to know for the game.

Site entry

Access to our private dive site venues.

Booking options

There are 3 different options for this game. For information on each type, please go to our FAQ page.

Mini Game


Full game


PADI Speciality