Treasure of Syreni

The game
Everyone loves a pirate party, we are just adding in scuba diving, mermaids, a flooded quarry and treasure offering eternal life and power with it Navigation and buoyancy is key for this, yours might be on point but what about your ship mates?? It won't be an easy quest, legend has it that the treasure is guarded by the mermaids of Syreni and won't let it go without a fight.

3 hour game

To complete this game, you will be on site for approximately 3 hours. This includes dive briefing, kitting up... and of course, the game iteself.

Qualified diver

To complete this game, you must be a minimum of PADI Open Water diver or equivalent, and capable in your own diving ability.


This game can be booked in North Wales.

Whats included?

Dive brief

A brief from our game host to get your ready for the game!

Game booklet

A booklet filled with all of the information that you will need to know for the game.

Site entry

Access to our private dive site venues.

Booking options

There are 3 different options for this game. For information on each type, please go to our FAQ page.

Mini Game


Full game


PADI Speciality