Vivian Quarry

Llanberis, North Wales

North Wales Scuba Escape

See below for our full list of games for Vivian Quarry!

Save Vivoria!

Save Vivovia from the evil King of Snowden!!


One nuke has gone off.... the countdown has started for the second which will mean the end of mankind...

Treasure of Syreni

ARRRRGH ME MATEYSSS we have a treasure map and some powerful mermaids to contend with 

Mini Escapes in North Wales

All £99pp

Moon Landing

You and your team are off to another planet to rescue the research before it gets destroyed! Alien life forms may or may not try to help... 

Mission Impossible

You and your buddies have to extract the suitcase avoiding the lasers otherwise it will alert the security team.

The Stone Age

No Flintstones involved, but there is a dinosaur egg you need to get!